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Stephen Denny is the president of Denny Marketing a consulting firm in the Bay Area. He spent over twenty years as a senior manager at premiere brands including Sony. He is a frequent contributing editor to The Daily Fix and Marketing Profs and authors the marketing blog Note to CMO.Killing Giants unveils practical strategies for overtaking larger competitors in any market looking at companies like that started out small but quickly dominated by using their opponents size to their advantage. Baidu has beaten Google at search in China and the Boston Beer Company took on Budweiser with Sam Adams Boston Lager.Stephen Denny shows how even behemoths like Nike and Coca Cola are susceptible to small even tiny competitors because of their size. Using a range of fresh case studies he explains how by taking a fresh approach you can carve out a larger chunk of any marketplace.For startup entrepreneurs cashstrapped strategists and other Davids armed only with their witsIf you want to take on the big boys and win this is required reading[Will] give you the stones to take out the Goliath in your industryI almost ran out of ink underlining all the great thinking insights and storiesGB

Data Publikacji: 2011-03-31
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