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Doerr John


Penguin Books Ltd

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This book is a critical blueprint for anyone looking to take concrete steps to reach netzero emissions. Unlike many who simply issue ambiguous longdated pledges to help solve the climate crisis John Doerr understands the urgent need to ACT quickly and decisively. With Speed & Scale he combines his extensive experience as a legendary technology expert and investor with his triedandtrue management methods to put forward a clear detailed and comprehensive plan for climate action exactly when we need it most.John Doerr is the worlds leading mind on turning truly audacious goals into objectives and key results. In this culminating contribution he performs an inspired act of world leadership: plying his craft to create a comprehensive plan to tackle one of the most vexing challenges in human history.With personal insight and visionary foresight Doerr provides us with a practical guide for both public and private sector participation in decarbonizing the global economy a task as challenging as it is urgent.Speed & Scale is critical reading for anyone who wants to take action on the most important issue of our time: climate change. Its a challenge that feels impossible to solve but Doerr outlines a clear path forward and how we can get involved to make an impact.A practical path inthe fight against climate change...Doerr approaches the problem as a hardnosed businessman who sees an opportunity creates a plan and organizes resources before moving ahead. Using this approach and prose that is superior to many similar books the author crafts a specific comprehensible description of the elements that contribute to climate change and what needs to be done...Throughout readers are guided by ingenious illustrations and often startling facts.John Doerr is a man with a plan for our planet and boy do we need one. Keep away if you dont think commerce can play a creative role... or dont want deep dive analytics from someone who is always measuring what matters. He matters.A brilliant unputdownable treatise to focus attention on the most important problem of our times.Immaculately researched [and] eminently readable.A clear accessible and actionable plan...the single best guide to thinking about climate policy.#1 bestselling author and acclaimed venture capitalist John Doerr reveals a sweeping action plan to conquer humanitys greatest challenge: climate change.In 2006 John Doerr was moved by Al Gores An Inconvenient Truth and a challenge from his teenage daughter: Dad your generation created this problem. You better fix it. Since then Doerr has searched for solutions to this existential problemas an investor an advocate and a philanthropist. Fifteen years later despite breakthroughs in batteries electric vehicles plantbased proteins and solar and wind power global warming continues to get worse. Its impact is all around us: droughts floods wildfires the melting of the polar ice caps. Our world is squarely in a climate crisi

Data Publikacji: 2021-10-28
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