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Norman Mailer (19232007) was one of the great postWar American writers both as a novelist and as one of the key inventors of the New Journalism. His books include the novels The Naked and the Dead The Deer Park Why Are We in Vietnam? The Executioners Song and Harlots Ghost and the nonfiction works The Armies of the Night A Fire on the Moon (published in the USA as Of a Fire on the Moon) and The Fight. He won the National Book Award and twice won the Pulitzer Prize.October 21 1967 Washington D.C. 20000 to 200000 protesters are marching to end the war in Vietnam while helicopters hover overhead and federal marshals and soldiers with fixed bayonets await them on the Pentagon steps. Among the marchers is Norman Mailer. From his own singular participation in the days events and his even more extraordinary perceptions comes a classic work that shatters the mould of traditional reportage. Intellectuals and hippies clergymen and cops poets and army MPs crowd the pages of a book in which facts are fused with techniques of fiction to create the nerveend reality of experiential truth.The Armies of the Night uniquely and unforgettably captures the Sixties tidal wave of love and rage at its crest and a towering genius at his peak.Only a born novelist could have written a piece of history so intelligent mischievous penetrating and aliveHis genuine wit and bellicose charm and his fervent and intense sense of legitimately caring render The Armies of the Night an artful document worthy to be judged as literatureMesmerising and to reread it today is to experience an additional punch: the one that verifies that history repeats itself as (malignant) farceA work of personal and political reportage that brings to the inner and developing crisis of the United States at this moment admirable sensibilities candid intelligence the most moving concern for America itself. Mailers intuition in this book is that the times demand a new form. He has found it

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