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Floud Roderick


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Roderick Floud has been a pioneer of two new kinds of history: using statistics to study the past and the history of human height and health. The economic history of gardens is his third innovation. He has taught at the universities of Cambridge London and Stanford has written or edited over 70 books and articles and is the longstanding editor of the Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain. He has also led London Metropolitan University and Gresham College London and undertaken many other roles in the university world such as President of Universities UK receiving a knighthood for services to higher education.A fascinating history of gardening reveals our expensive passion for all things green... This is the first economic history of the English garden and frankly its almost shocking that no one has looked into it until now... There is a mindboggling amount of detail in this book ... Floud is a clear writer and excels at providing context and keeping the whole enterprise grounded.This is a very different kind of gardening book. Its not about design or horticultural techniques but is a history the first of its kind the author claims of the economics of gardening financial excess and all from Charles II to today ... extraordinarily interesting. Floud impresses on us the sheer scale of what were dealing with here... his book is full of fascinating detail about everything from workingclass gardens kitchen gardens and nurseries to the astonishing cost of some rare plants and their shrinking value over time.This is one of the most important books on garden history in the last half century and for anyone serious about the subject it is a Must Buy.At least since the seventeenth century most of the English population have been unable to stop making improving and dreaming of gardens. Yet in all the thousands of books about them this is the first to address seriously the question of how much gardens and gardening have cost and to work out the place of gardens in the economic as well as the horticultural life of the nation. It is a new kind of gardening history.Beginning with the Restoration of Charles II in 1660 Roderick Floud describes the role of the monarchy and central and local government in creating gardens as well as that of the (generally aristocratic or plutocratic) builders of the great gardens of Stuart Georgian and Victorian England. He considers the designers of these gardens as both artists and businessmen often earning enormous sums by modern standards matched by the nurserymen and plant collectors who supplied their plants. He uncovers the lives and rewards of working gardeners the domestic gardens that came with the growth of suburbs and the impact of gardening on technical developments from manmade lakes to central heating.AN ECONOMIC HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH GARDEN shows the extraordinary commitment of money as well as time that the English have made to gardens and gardening over three and a half centuries. It re

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