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This book explores the publishing and reading practices formed and changed by the First World War. From an exploration of British and Australian trench journals to the impact of war on the literary figures of the home front the essays provide new information about the production circulation and reception of reading matter dList of Illustrations List of Tables Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction: M.Hammond & S.Towheed PART 1: PROFIT AND PATRIOTISM For Country Conscience and Commerce: Publishers and Publishing 19141918: J.Potter No such bookselling has ever before taken place in this country: Propaganda and the Wartime Distribution Practices of W.H. Smith and Son: S.Colclough Translating Peace: Pacifist Publishing and the Transmission of Foreign Texts: G.Brockington PART 2: READING AND NATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS Sepoys Sahibs and Babus: India the Great War and Two Colonial Journals: S.Das The Battle of the Books: Supplying Prisoners of War: R.Pppinghege Australian Soldiers and the World of Print During the Great War: A.Laugesen PART 3: WRITING THE TRENCHES The Tuition of Manhood: Sappers War Stories and the Literature of War: J.Meyer British Army Trench Journals and a Geography of Identity: J.Pegum A New and Vital Moral Factor: Cartoon Book Publishing in Britain during the First World War: N.Hiley PART 4: ENLISTED AT HOME Translating Propaganda: John Buchans Writing during the First World War: K.Macdonald Making a Text the Fordian Way: Between St Dennis and St George Propaganda and the First World War: S.Haslam Depicting the War on the Western Front: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Publication of The British Campaign in France and Flanders : K.Grieves Select Bi''This fine book presents important new research on the cultural history of the First World War. It brings neglected areas of knowledge into focus deepening our understanding of book history and of the complex and various activities undertaken by writers publishers propagandists and journals during the war. The essays are lively intelligent well researched and well written. A valuable new study for scholars and an excellent resource for students. Trudi Tate Clare Hall University of Cambridge UK'/'''A highly welcome contribution to the field this book about publishing during the Great War addresses who was reading what and where. The international scope of the volume demonstrates the interconnected world of print and its documentation will ground future research in the field. Professor Margaret R. Higonnet University of Connecticut USA'/'''This volume offers much valuable work in the ongoing war of representation and illustrates how much can be illuminated by the various disciplinary perspectives that make up the History of the Book. Andrew Nash Times Literary SuppGRACE BROCKINGTON British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at Clare Hall and the Faculty of English University of Cambridge UKSTEPHEN COLCLOUGH Lecturer in English at the University of Wales Bangor UKSANTANU DAS British A

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