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A timely book that identifies the practice of (syn)aesthetics in artistic style and audience response which helps to articulate the power of experiential practice in the arts. This exciting new approach includes interviews with leading practitioners in of theatre dance sitespecific work live art and technological perfoContents List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Notes on Interview Contributors Introduction: Redefining Visceral Performance PART I Defining (Syn)aesthetics Connecting Theories (Syn)aesthetics in Practice PARTII Introduction A (Syn)aesthetic Exchange Felix Barrett& Maxine Doyle of Punchdrunk: In the P raesens of Body and Space the (syn)aesthetics of Sitesympathetic Work Lizzie Clachan& David Rosenberg of Shunt Theatre Collective:A Door into Another World The Audience and Hybridity Akram Khan: The Mathematics of Sensation The Body as Site/Sight/Cite and Source Marisa Carnesky: Trapping the Audience in the Fantasy Instinct the Body& the Magic of the Experiential Naomi Wallace& Kwame KweiArmah: Desire the Body and Transgressive Acts of Playwriting on Writing and Directing Things of Dry Hours Linda Bassett: Bypassing the Logical Performing Churchills Far Away Jo McInnes:A Text That Demands to be Played With Performing Kanes 4.48 Psychosis Graeaes Jenny Sealey& Playwright Glyn Cannon: Seeing Words and (Dis)comfort Zones the Fusion of Bodies Text and Technology in On Blindness Sara Giddens& Simon Jones of Bodies In Flight: The Inbetweens Where Flesh Utters and Words Move On Flesh Text Space and Technologies Leslie Hill& Helen Paris of Curious: Embodied Intimacies On (the) Scent Memory and the VisceralVirtual BiThe diversity of voices [in part 2 of the book] is a real strength...[and] provides a rich array of primary source material for all readers from undergraduates to professors... Patrick Duggan New Theatre QuaList of interviewees: LINDA BASSETT is an internationally renowned actress. BODIES IN FLIGHT was formed in 1990 by choreographer Sara Giddens and writer Simon Jones and makes interdisciplinary performance work.GLYN CANNON is a British playwright. MARISA CARNESKY is an Olivier award winning performance artist and showwoman who has presented performance events internationally. CURIOUS was formed in 1996 by Leslie Hill and Helen Paris and has produced many projects in a range of disciplines including performance installation publication and film.AKRAM KHAN is an acclaimed choreographer and artistic director of Akram Khan Dance Company set up in 2000. KWAME KWEIARMAH is a British actor broadcaster columnist director and playwright.JO MCINNES has performed in theatre film and television and currently runs her own production company.PUNCHDRUNK is the UKs leading exponent of immersive theatre and produces original works of installation performance on an epic scale.JENNY SEALEY is Artistic Director of Graeae a disabledled theatre company that profiles the skills of actors writers and directors with

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