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Rather than having to choose between the family and the business the authors argue that if familyowned businesses can consciously manage and over time perhaps synthesize these contradictions the Family Enterprise will have a longterm strategic and competitive advantage and the family will remain committePreface Introduction Appreciating Both Paradox Capacity And Capability Problems Are Not All The Same Prospering In The Face Of Ambiguity Capture The Inherent Tension What Lies Ahead Part 1Acknowledging Both Where Is Your Family Businesss Current Focus Family Or Business? 1 Which To Choose: Family Or Business? To Choose Or Not To Choose Choose Both Family And Business Intersection Paradox Of Individual And Collective Individual And Collective In Action Celebrating Paradox At Beretta Assessment Summary 2 Tradition And Change In Family Firms The Godrej Group: Model Of Tradition And Change Distinctive Time Orientation Complex Successor Dilemmas Internally Driven Strategy Enduring Values Tradition And Change At Beretta Part IIIdentifying Both 3 Predictable Paradoxes Across The Generations Generational Oscillation Predictable Paradoxes: Founder Stage Predictable Paradoxes: Sibling Partnership Stage Predictable Paradoxes: Cousin Collaboration Stage The Enterprising Family Generational Paradoxes: Final Analysis 4 Predictable Conflicts In The Intersections From Two Systems To Three Problem Conflict Contradiction Paradox Understanding The Intersections Family Management Conflicts Management Ownership Conflicts Ownership Family Conflicts Governance Structures Intersections: Final Analysis Part III Managing Both 5 A Continuum For Addressing Paradoxes Either/Or Both/And The Paradox Management Continuum Family Employment On The Continuum The Art Of Paradox Management Cycle Of Renewal And Benefit 6 One Key Tool: The Polarity Mapó Annas Family Business And Polarity Mapping The Continuum And The Map Another Polarity Mapó: Family Councils StepByStep Through The Polarity Mapó Final Reflections Part IV Achieving Both 7 Experience The Power Of Paradox Sources Of Continuity Culture Unlocks The Power Of Paradox From Implicit To Explicit A Look Toward Fusion Appendices Appendix A: Historical Perspective On Paradox Appendix B: Paradoxes In Business Literature Appendix C: Family First Business First Assessment Appendix D: More On Polarity Map''Paradoxes are part of life and are especially evident in the family business. Family Business as Paradox is an excellent manual for how to manage paradox in the family business. The Polarity mapping model is well explained and can be a very helpful process in working through the many issues that family businesses encounter. This book will be helpful and empowering to any family business who wants to go from either/or to both/and in managing paradox. Mary Andringa President & CEO Vermeer Corporation (USA)'/' ''The 43 years that I spent in our family business made me realize that ma

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