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Strategies for family firms unlike those of other businesses can and should incorporate family factors. Responsible and disciplined strategic integration of family and business goals strengths and values produces pPREFACE Shorter Life Expectancy of Strategies The Family Factor PART I: REACHING YOUR FAMILY BUSINESS STRATEGIC POTENTIAL Sorting through Mixed Signals Understanding the Family Business Strategic Path Getting to the Next Phase PART II: DEMYSTIFYING PAST SUCCESS Unleashing Strategy and Structure Loosening Rigid Strategies Making Change Part of Tradition PART III: PREVENTING PAST BUSINESS STRATEGY FROM LIMITING FUTURE SUCCESS Just What Business Are You In? Getting Over Resistance to Planning Developing Strategic Skills Making Change Less Threatening PART IV: RESPONDING TO FAMILY AND BUSINESS NEEDS The Power of Family Values Reducing Personal Financial and Emotional Insecurity Matching Family Factors with Business Strategy Assessing Risk Tolerance of Family Members Developing Stewardship PART V: STRATEGIC LIBERATION AND RENEWAL New Models for Strategic Succession Appreciating Inherent Family Business Advantages Understanding Inherent Family Business Disadvantages Turning Disadvantages into Advantages What Have You Done for the Business Lately? Depersonalizing Disagreements about Succession or Strategy Getting Input from the Outside Conclusions: Getting From Here to There Appendix: Exhibits of Financial Performance Over the Family Business Strat''While each volume contains helpful solutions to the issues it covers it is the guidance on how to tackle the process of addressing the different issues and the emphasis on the benefits which can stem from the process itself which make the Family Business Leadership Series of unique value to everyone involved in a family business not just the owners. David Grant Director (retired) William Grant & Sons Ltd. (Distillers of fine Scotch)'/'''These books deserve a place in every businessowning familys library Lęon Danco Cleveland OH'/'''I think the Family Business Leadership Series books are excellent. They are extremely concise and practical and they have the information you need. Gigi Cohen EVP Magid Glove & Safety Mfg. Co. LLC ChicaCRAIG E. ARONOFF Cofounder Principal and Chairman of the Board of The Family Business Consulting Group Inc. the founder of the Cox Family Enterprise Center and current Professor Emeritus at Kennesaw State University USA. He invented and implemented the membershipbased professionalserviceprovider sponsored Family Business Forum which has served as a model of family business education for universities worldwide.'BR''BR'JOHN L. WARD Cofounder of the Family Business Consulting Group Inc. He is Clinical Professor at the Kellogg School of Management USA'and teaches strategic management business leadership and family enterprise contin

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