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Through an investigative look at familial interactions the authors highlight normal conflicts criticisms and communications failures that are a part of the family experience as well as their effects on working relationships withinHow Family Shapes the Future of Your BusinessBusiness vs. Family: Crossing the Chinese WallThe Payoff: Understanding Family PatternsThe Normal Family: A Dynamic and Powerful UnitHOW THE FAMILY WORKS AS A SYSTEM Triangles: Stabilizing Uncomfortable Relationship Differentiation of Self: The Core Concept Family Structure: How Patterns are Set How Boundaries Affect Family Closeness Birth Order: The Family Constellation Sibling Rivalry: Healthy Tension Gone Awry Emotional Cutoff: Denying the Ties that Bind Genograms as a Tool for Understanding Unlocking the Barriers to the PastHow Transitions Raise Family Issues: Integrating InLaws A Few Simple Rules for Smooth Family FunctioningSome Signals that a Family May Be in TroubleThe Role of the Family ProfessionalSummarySuggested R''Owners need to remember to focus on both the family and business sides of their enterprise if they want to maximize their family business success over the long term. How Families Work Together...provides sound and effective guidance checklists tips suggestions and behaviors to avoid to help family members improve their working relationships. This book should be read and discussed by all family members who are actively involved in the family business. Donald G. Nelson Family Office Executive Skaneateles NY'/'''This book not only helped our family work better together it helped us become a closer family unit. How Families Work Together is a must read! Tom Scotti President Keystone HRC Inc. Bensalem PA'/'''While each volume contains helpful solutions to the issues it covers it is the guidance on how to tackle the process of addressing the different issues and the emphasis on the benefits which can stem from the process itself which make the Family Business Leadership Series of unique value to everyone involved in a family business not just the owners. David Grant Director (retired) William Grant & Sons Ltd. (Distillers of Glenfiddich and other fine Scotch whiMARY F. WHITESEIDE Licensed psychologist mediator family therapist and consultant. She is an advanced practitioner member of the Association for Conflict Resolution USA' a fellow of the Family Firm Institute a member of the American Psychological Association a fellow of the Michigan Psychological Association and one of the founding members of the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan. 'BR''BR'CRAIG E. ARONOFF Cofounder Principal and Chairman of the Board of The Family Business Consulting Group Inc. the founder of the Cox Family Enterprise Center and current Professor Emeritus at Kennesaw State University USA. He invented and implemented the membershipbased professionalserviceprovider sponsored Family Business Forum which has served as a model of family business education for universities w

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