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This book explores A Common Word Between Us and You a highlevel ongoing ChristianMuslim dialogue process. The Common Word process was commenced by leading Islamic scholars and intellectuals as outreach in response to the Popes much criticized RegensburgA Common Word Between Us and You: Motives and Applications: H.E.Shaykh Ali Gomaa A Common Word Initiative: Theoria and Praxis: S.Hossein Nasr The Power of Finding Common Ground: A Common Word and the Invitation to Understanding: The Right Reverend W.O.Gregg PART I: THEORY Theology Islam Christianity the Enlightenment: A Common Word and MuslimChristian Relations: I.Kalin Mutual Theological Hospitality Doing Theology in the Presence of the Other:' D.Madigan Mysticism Spirituality and Other Religions: Meditations Upon Some Deeper Dimensions of A Common Word: C.Dagli Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Interfaith Dialogue: Mystical Principles Practical Initiatives:' J.Chryssavgis Metaphysics What of the Word is Common?: J.Lumbard Disagreeing to Agree: A Christian Response to A Common Word: J.Cutsinger Theological Parallels and Metaphysical Meeting Points: Christ and the Word in Christianity and Islam: M.Dakake PART II: APPLICATIONS Environment and Climate Change Islamic Environmental Economics and the Three Dimensions of Islam: A Common Word on the Environment as Neighbor: W.ElAnsary Environmentalism as Modern Religion& Climate Change as the Secular Apocalypse: Reassessing the Role of Religion in Environmental Decisionmaking: C.Pinon Carlarne Humans Rights and Ethics A Common Word and Human Rights as Minimal Rules: N.Adams Improving Interfaith Relations with the Common Word Project: Q.ul Huda Pluralism and Ethics as Competing Bases of Human Rights: S.Ruhaini Dzuhayatin Development A Common View of Development?: D.K.Linnan An Islamic Perspective on Economic Development: A.Mirakhor '& Z.Iqbal A Common Word Development and Human Rights: African and Catholic Perspect''A lively and diverse set of essays exploring the theological and moral implications of the Common Word. The emphasis on issues of economics and social justice is particularly to be welcomed. Abdal Hakim Murad Dean the Cambridge Muslim CWALEED ElAnsary'STRONG' '/STRONG'is an Assistant Professor of Human Sciences at the University of South Carolina USA. ' DAVID LINNAN is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Sout

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