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This book explores the correlation between antitheological thought and the rise of Islamism in the twentieth century by examining Egypts Muslim Brotherhood and the leadership of Umar alTilmThe Doctrines of Sunni Theology The Demise of Ilm alKalam Between Theology and Creed The Guide Through the Storm The Taliban and the Maturidite School The Promise of Asharite Semiotics Conclusion: The R''Halversons book is first and foremost a critique of the antirationalist creedcentered Athari theological school of thought and its arguable dominance within the Sunni theological debate since the fifteenth century. The target audience is primarily students in religious studies already familiar with the basic Sunni doctrines.Ł (Emin Poljarevic Religious Studies Review Vol. 42 (2) JuneJeffry R. Halverson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Coastal Carolina University USA. He is a specialist in Islamic studies and the history of religions focusing on the Middle East aHalverson provides an important contribution to understanding the intellectual potential of the legacy of kalam in the contemporary world as an alternative to the literalist creedalism that is at the core of contemporary militant extremism. His analysis gives attention to important but often ignored dimensions of contemporary Muslim life and thought.'' John O. Voll professor of Islamic history and past associate director of the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for MuslimChristian Understanding at Georgetown University USA.'/'''This is a wellwritten and interesting book. It deals with the role or rather lack of role according to the author of theology in the modern Islamic world particularly in the thought of the radical Islamist movements and their leading thinkers and is skeptical of the possibilities of a modern revival of theological thought. It is an important account of the topic and the topic itself is important. It should be used in courses on Islamic studies the US and the Middle East and also in theology as there is tremendous interest in this issue today.'/''' Oliver Leaman Professor of Philosophy University of Kentucky

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