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Kellys pragmatic approach to psychology arose from his clinical practice and has been a strong formative influence on clinical psychology and personality theory. Taking us through the development of Kellys work and setting it in its historical context this is a fascinating account of one of the foremost personality theories of t''Preface. Issues in Personality. A Pragmatic Approach. Personal Construction and Meaning. A New Humanism. The Problem of Choice. Psychological Change and Reconstruction. The Unconscious and Human Destructiveness. A Psychology of Understanding. Further Reading .TREVOR BUTT is Reader in Psychology at the'University of Huddersfield UK. He trained as a clinical psychologist and is a past Chair of the British Psychological Societys Psychotherapy Section.'He is the coeditor 'em'of Personal Construct Theory and '/em'Practice and the author 'em'of Understanding '/em'People (Palgrave 2004) and with Vivien Burr'em' Invitation to Personal Construct''/em'Psychology (WhA highly readable and accessible account of one of the foremost personality theories of the Twentieth century'br/'Explores the key point of Personal Construct Theory that it is not the abuse or trauma we encounter which disturbs us but the sense'we make of it'br/'Part of the Mind Shapers series which brings each theory to life by setting it in a

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