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Alternative medicine is a fifty billion dollar per year industry. But is it all nonsense? The Whole Story rounds up the latest evidence on the placebo effect the randomized control trial personalized genetic medicine acupuncture homeopathy ostePreface Introduction Medicines Conundrum The Advocates The Critics The Gold Standard Tarnished Measuring the Unmeasurable Hints of Understanding A New Model The Evidence''This book should be prescribed for bigots on both sides to be taken thoughtfully all the way to the last page. The Guardian'/'''An excellent overview of the subject...It is probably unwise to label any book as required reading. Nevertheless when contemplating the entrenched attitudes of many in both the orthodox and complementary medical communities the temptation to do so with The Whole Story is strong. Guardian Saturday Review'/'''Murcott provides a lay persons guide to what is happening in the industry and his book is excellent and thoughtprovoking for anyone interested in research into complementary therapies. Institute for Complementary Medicine Journal'/'''A book you ought to read. www.popularscience.co.uk'/'''A fun little book about complementary and alternative therapies. It is not about what works or what doesnt and remains impishly neutral...Whichever side of the argument you start you will shout rubbish at some point but at least you will have been exposed to a different point of view and be no worse for that. Bandolier'/'''The Whole Story elegantly presents the challenges of testing therapies from acupuncture to reflexology and in so doing makes an original thoughtprovoking and worthwhile contribution to the debate on complementary medicine. Dr. Susan Aldridge Author of The Thread of Life and Seeing Red & Feeling Blue'/'''Complementary and alternative medicine is more popular than ever before and there is no shortage of publications on the subject. This book clearly stands out from the rest. It is a wellresearched attempt at cutting through the thick layers of makebelieve and revealing the truth. Like no other lay book it promotes analytical thinking a commodity rarer than gold dust in this area. Edzard Ernst Professor of Complementary Medicine Universities of Exeter and Plymouth UK'/'''Calling on doctors patients therapists and researchers as witnesses Dr. Murcott puts complementary medicine on trial. By examining the evidence at hand he highlights the complexities in making healthcare decisions and draws conclusions that have important implications for all forms of medicine. Professor Marc Cohen President of the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association'/'''A birds eye view of both the orthodox and complementary medicine worlds. Excellent and thoughtprovoking. Institute for Complementary Medicine Journal'/'''Murcott reveals how much of what we take as scientific fact is imbued with subjectivity bias misinterpretation or simply asking the wrong questions. The Lancet'/'''Brilliantly researched and bravely written.

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