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Africas diversity is its greatest resource and challenge. In this book leaders from business government academia and the voluntary sector discuss the implications of this diversity for leadership. Throughout contributors relate organisational issues to the social political and cultural contexts and focus on the role of effecIntroduction: The MultiFaceted Continent: K.April & M.Shockley Rethinking Leadership and Wealth Creation in Africa: L.Mbigi The Art of Western Management in Africa: N.M.Theimann & K.April Understanding CultureBased Diversity: L.van der Colff Managing Cultural Diversity: L.Booysen The Lions Mark Their Territory: African Thought System: N.M.Theimann Facilitating Paradox: L.De Wet Contributions of Women to the Process of Development and Unity in Africa: M.Mkunu Social Identity Changes: Challenges Facing Leadership: L.Booysen The Hunters Spirit in Leadership: An African Wounded Soul Theory Perspective: L.Mbigi South African Market Labour Trends: An Analysis of 1995 and 1999 Labour Statistics: H.Bhorat Setting the Transformation Example Through People Potential Best Practice: Kumba Resources: R.Verster Within Country Diversity: S.Burgess Gender and Higher Education in Africa: M.Dunne & Y.Sayed Diversity Challenges in Community: L.Matemba Road to Wellness: HumanScale Developments for Boosting Community Immunity to HIV/AIDS: J.Clarke Conclusion:''Here is a very carefully and closely wrought scholarly dense and wellwritten volume that unpacks difference and diversity in all its hues and consequences with great lucidity erudition insight and success. The editors have done a marvellous job in assembling diverse and interesting papers. Keith Morrison Equal Opportunities InternaHARRON BOHRAT Associate Professor in the School of Economics University of Cape Town South AfricaLIZE BOOYSEN Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Leadership at University of South Africas Graduate School of Business LeadershipSTEVE BURGESS Professor of Business Administration in Marketing at the University of Cape Town South AfricaJOHN CLARKE Professional Social Worker Development Consultant Counsellor and Freelance Writer focusing on the interconnection between environmental humanitarian and public health concerns in Southern AfricaLIZ DE WET is an Organisational Development and Learning Specialist in Cape Town South AfricaMAIREAD DUNNE obtained her MA from Sussex University and PhD from Birmingham University UKLAWRENCE MATEMBA works at The Presidency in the Policy Coordination and Advisory Services Cape Town South AfricaLOVEMORE MBIGI Board Member and Visiting Professor at Ivestec School of Management at Rhodes University Grahamstown South AfricaMADELEIN MKUNU Founder and President of Organisation for Development and Unity of Africas Women Cape Town South AfricaYUSUF SAYED Department for International Development United KingdomLINDA VAN DER COLFF Director of Education for Netcare Cape Town South AfricaRYNO VERSTER Iscor Mining/Kumba Resources Cape Town Sout

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