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Distinctively links stress self esteem health and work as a way to develop individual and organizational strategies for dealing with stress. It proposes an innovative concept of organizational self esteem and a new philosophy for managing companies in order to create an establishment that is healthy emotionally economicallIntroduction Work Stress and Health: An Overview Models and Concepts in Understanding Occupational Stress SelfEsteem and Stress: A Critical Analysis Why Does Occupational Stress Occur? Antecedents and Consequences Individual Strategies for Managing Occupational Stress Organisational Strategies for Managing Occupational Stress Corporate Selfesteem Stress and Organisatio''There is no doubt that this book will serve as an eye opener to corporate leaders. Roberto Kertez MD Psychiatrist and Rector University of Flores Argentina'/'''This thoughtprovoking book will be useful to everyone who wants to ensure that their work place is a source of energy and positive selfesteem. Susan Jackson Professor of HRM Rutgers University USA'/'''Dr Simon Dolans new book as with all the previous ones and the extensive research work he has conducted over the years on stress including stressrelated health outcomes is an extremely important contribution...I believe every modern manager should read it! Lucien Abenhaim MD PhD Professor of Public Health University of Paris former General Director of Health for France and formerly Member of the WHO Executive Board'/'''Simon Dolan addresses an increasing challenge facing organizations in the Twentyfirst century: How can they meet individual needs for growth respect and meaning and organizational needs for peak performance? Managers all too often see this in eitheror terms neglecting employee needs and resulting in the stress epidemic we see all around us. He identifies important antecedents of workplace stress and provides realistic suggestions for keeping stress levels manageable. His use of self esteem both individual and organizational as a central organizing concept is both unique and interesting. This book is a mustread for both managers and stress researchers interested in learning more about high performing individuals and organizations. Ron Burke Professor York University Canada'/'''This book provides an engagingly novel vista of the occupational stress field...it blends updated scientific findings in this area with vignettes reflecting casestudies of executive stress and with the authors personal experiences...it incorporates individual predispositions in the employeeorganization interactions leading to workrelated stress...It also outlines how an organization may have an impact on individual selfesteem like by promoting in its culture and normative supervisory behaviours procedures that incorporate employee recognition fair treatment and positive feedback. Finally all these novel elements are integrated in one unifying framework allowing readers to comprehend the complexity of interacting em

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