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This book presents diverse perspectives on how work and employment are developing in a rapidly changing contemporary Japan. Using macro and microlevel data the authors show both how the Japanese employment system is evolving as well as how the meanings that individual Japanese attach to their work and employmentList of Tables List of Figures Notes on Names Notes on Contributors Introduction: Perspectives on Work and Employment in Japan: P.Matanle & W.Lunsing The Evolution of the Japanese Employment System in Comparative Perspective: F.Waldenberger From Postwar to Postbubble: Contemporary Issues for Japanese Working Women: H.Macnaughtan Beyond Lifetime Employment: Refabricating Japans Employment Culture: P.Matanle Recent Changes in Compensation Prices in Large Japanese Companies: Wages Bonuses and Corporate Pensions: H.Conrad & V.Heindorf Hard Times for the Salaryman: Corporate Restructuring and Middle Managers Working Lives: L.McCann J.Hassard & J.Morris Japanese Engineers Abroad: Challenge and Opportunity in Globalization: K.McCormick Freeters: Young Atypical Workers in Japan: Y.Honda Quitting Companies: Individual Responses to Changing Employment Patterns in Early 2000s Japan: W.Lunsing Is It Worth Doing?: Highly Educated Housewives Attitudes towards Work: A.Sasagawa Filipino Boxers and Hosts in Japan: The Feminization and Transnational Class Subjugation of Male Labour: N.Suzuki Defining a Second Career: Volunteering among Seniors in Japan: T.Leng LengH. CONRAD Deputy Director German Institute for Japanese Studies JapanJ. HASSARD Professor of Organizational Analysis and Head of Organizational Analysis Group Manchester Business School Manchester University UKV. HEINDORF PhD Candidate and Research Associate Faculty of Business Munich University GermanyY. HONDA Associate Professor In the Sociology of Education Interfaculty Initiative Information Studies University of Tokyo JapanT. LENG LENG Associate Professor Head of Department Department of Japanese Studies The National University of SingaporeH. MACNAUGHTAN Lecturer in International Business and Management for Japan Department of Financial and Management Studies School of Oriental and African Studies University of London UKL. MCCANN Lecturer in International and Comparative Management Manchester Business School University of Manchester UKK. MCCORMICK Senior Lecturer in Sociology University of Sussex UKJ. MORRIS Professor of Organizational Analysis Cardiff Business School Cardiff University UKA. SASAGAWA Aoyama Gakuin University and Musashino University JapanN. SUZUKI Professor of Cultural Anthropology and Gender Studies Nagasaki Wesleyan University JapanS. TAKAHATA PhD Candidate and Research Fellow Osaka City University JapanL.L. THANG Anthropologist and Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Japanese Studies National University of Singapore SingaporeF. WALDENBERGER Professor of Japanese Economy Japan Centre Munich Uni

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