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May Gareth


Random House

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Gareth May is twentyfour years old and lives near Exeter where he works as a bookseller in Waterstones. This is his first book.Do you know how to change a tyre? Give a speech? Or shave without leaving a nasty rash? How about ironing a shirt? Urinal etiquette? Or how to know if you are falling in love?Neither did 24yearold author Gareth May until he started to gather centuriesold male wisdom for the metrosexual generation. Stuck on the verge of a major motorway with a punctured tyre after swerving to avoid a lowflying pigeon Gareth was confronted with the fact that he had no idea how to mend his puncture and get back on the road.Later after the excoriating diatribe and accusations of uselessness from his father he reflected that it wasnt just practical manly skills tying a tie properly wielding a power drill changing a leaky faucet that had passed him by. Gareth was clueless about just pretty much every skill perceived as the key to coming of age as a modern man. Sophisticated stuff like how to hold a baby or how to end a relationship without being a complete git...While girls share magazines with dogeared problem pages the modern boy has no such manual no instruction leaflet to ease their transition into manhood. Until now.Gareth May has written the essential manual for young men across the world. From stubborn spots to slow dancing dos and donts the perfect fryup to putting on a condom in less than ten seconds witty brilliantly honest and downtoearth 150 THINGS EVERY MAN SHOULD KNOW tells you all those things your best friend cant.

Data Publikacji: 2009-11-05
Wymiary: 230 mm 190 mm 24 mm 864 gr

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