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M. Hersh Seymour


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Seymour M. Hersh has been a staff writer for The New Yorker and The New York Times. He established himself at the forefront of investigative journalism in 1970 when he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his exposę of the massacre in My Lai Vietnam. Since then he has received the George Polk Award five times the National Magazine Award for Public Interest twice the Los Angeles Times Book Prize the National Book Critics Circle Award the George Orwell Award and dozens of other awards.One of Americas greatest investigative reporters.In a city and culture where screeching talk shows and preening columnists have largely supplanted oldfashioned shoeleather reporting and most investigative reporting consists of the collection of carefully dispensed leaks Hersh stands virtually alone.The most feared investigative reporter in Washington.If there is a smoking gun lying around the White House the reporter most likely to find it is Seymour M. Hersh.A whipsmart preternaturally energetic outsider who . . . assembled a body of work that helps to radically revise the way Americans see their government.A groundbreaking journalist who has revealed some of Americas darkest secrets.The last great American reporter.Hershs exposęs of gross abuses by members of the US military in Vietnam and Iraq have earned him worldwide fame and high journalistic honors.Quite simply the greatest investigative journalist of his era.Hersh is necessary reading for anyone remotely interested in what went wrong and continues to go wrong in IraqIve long admired the skill and independence with which Hersh has brought important and concealed information to lightOne of the most skilled investigative journalists in American history shares his saga in compelling detail ... Hersh takes readers behind the scenes as he exposes corrupt U.S. foreign policy Defense Department bumbling in numerous wars political coverups during Watergate private sector corporate scandals and torture tactics used by the U.S. government against alleged terrorists after 9/11. The author shares insightful (and sometimes searing) anecdotes about fellow journalists presidents and their cronies military generals and numerous celebrities. Readers interested in a primer about investigative techniques will find Hersh a generous teacher. Candor is the driving force in this outstanding book. Rarely has a journalists memoir come together so well with admirable measures of selfdeprecation transparent pride readable prose style and honesty.Powerful . . . Theres gripping journalistic intrigue aplenty as [Hersh] susses out sources and documents fences with officials and fields death threats. . . . Hersh himself is brash and direct but never cynical and his memoir is as riveting as the great journalistic exposęs he produced.Candid and revelatory . . . Compared to the contemporary field of blogs bots and opiniondriven reportage the last half of the twentiethcentury can look like the heyday of honest and critical journalism. But even now

Data Publikacji: 2019-11-07
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