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David Wallace-Wells


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In crystalline prose WallaceWells provides a devastating overview of where we are in terms of climate crisis and ecological destruction and what the future will hold if we keep on going down the same path. Urgently readable this is an epochdefining book.Clear engaging and often dazzlingA masterly analysisRelentless angry journalism of the highest order. Read it and for the lack of any more useful response weep. . . .The article was a sensation and the book will be too.The most terrifying book I have ever read . . . a meticulously documented whiteknuckled tour through the cascading catastrophes that will soon engulf our warming planet.This is what Im reading now: The Uninhabitable Earth by David WallaceWells. It focuses on the range of realistic possibilities with climate change. It does not sugarcoat and can be quite scary thats without primarily focusing on the worstcase scenario. When people ask What can I do? Read! What we need right now in this country is for all of us to be better including ourselves.A mustread. Its not only the grandkids and the kids: its you. And its not only those in other countries: its you.Ive not stopped talking about The Uninhabitable Earth since I opened the first page. And I want every single person on this planet to read it.Riveting . . . Some readers will find Mr WallaceWellss outline of possible futures alarmist. He is indeed alarmed. You should be too.Skipping the scientific jargon and relaying the facts in urgent and elegant prose the magazine editor crafts a stirring wakeup call to recognize how global warming will permanently alter every aspect of human life.WallaceWells is an extremely adept storyteller simultaneously urgent and humane . . . [he] does a terrifyingly good job of moving between the specific and the abstract.Enough to induce an honesttoGod panic attack ... The margins of my review copy of the book are scrawled with expressions of terror and despair declining in articulacy as the pages proceed until its all just cartoon sad faces and swear words ... To read The Uninhabitable Earth is to understand the collapse of the distinction between alarmism and plain realismThere is much to learn from this book. From media and scientific reports of the past decade WallaceWells sifts key predictions and conveys them in vivid prose.Brilliant ... At the heart of WallaceWellss book is a remorseless nearunbearable account of what we are doing to our planetNot since Bill McKibbens The End of Nature 30 years ago have we been told what climate change will mean in such vivid terms.Everyone should stop what theyre doing and read The Uninhabitable Earth by @dwallacewells. This is our future if we dont act now.Wake up! Get educated The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace Wells is a great place to start.A book thats by turns alarming terrifying and just downright bleak . . . a sustained piece of informed polemic.A very accessible and compelling read . . . a much more nuanced and a much more hopeful vision than you

Data Publikacji: 2019-09-05
Wymiary: 198 mm 129 mm 20 mm 268 gr

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