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''''Dynamic Mars: Recent and Current Landscape Evolution of the Red Planet'/' presents the latest observations interpretations and explanations of geological change at the surface or nearsurface of this terrestrial body. These changes raise questions about a decadesold paradigm formed largely in the aftermath of very coarse Marinermission imagery in the 1960s suggesting that much of the interesting geological activity on Mars occurred deep in its past eons ago. The book includes discussions of (1) Mars everchanging atmosphere and the impact of this on the planets surface and nearsurface: (2) the possible involvement of water in relatively new if not contemporary gullylike flows and slope streaks (i.e. recurring slope lineae): and (3) the identification of a broad suite of agents and processes (i.e. glacial periglacial aeolian meteorological volcanic and meteoric) that are actively revising surface and nearsurface landscapes landforms and features on a local regional and hemispheric scale.'b' '/' '/b' ''Highly illustrated and punctuated by data from the most recent Mars missions ''Dynamic Mars'/' is a valuable resource for all levels of research in the geological history of Mars as well as of the three other terrestrial planets.'/' 'br''br''ul''l'Utilizes observational and modelbased data as well as geological context to frame the understanding of Mars dynamic surface and nearsurface'/l''l'Presents a broad spectrum of highly regarded experts and themes to discuss and evaluate the geological history of late and current Mars'/l''l'Includes extensive and detailed imagery to clearly illustrate these themes discussions and evaluations'/l''/ul'''A stateoftheart reference on the history and implications of the geology and geomorphology of Mars'/'

Data Publikacji: 2018-08-13
Wymiary: 235 mm 191 mm

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