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''''Extreme Events in Geospace: Origins Predictability and Consequences'/' helps deepen the understanding description and forecasting of the complex and interrelated phenomena of extreme space weather events. Composed of chapters written by representatives from many different institutions and fields of space research the book offers discussions ranging from definitions and historical knowledge to operational issues and methods of analysis. '/' ''Given that extremes in ionizing radiation ionospheric irregularities and geomagnetically induced currents may have the potential to disrupt our technologies or pose danger to human health it is increasingly important to synthesize the information available on not only those consequences but also the origins and predictability of such events. ''Extreme Events in Geospace: Origins Predictability and Consequences'/' is a valuable source for providing the latest research for geophysicists and space weather scientists as well as industries impacted by space weather events including GNSS satellites and radio communication power grids aviation and human spaceflight.'/' ''The list of first/second authors includes M. Hapgood N. Gopalswamy K.D. Leka G. Barnes Yu. Yermolaev P. Riley S. Sharma G. Lakhina B. Tsurutani C. Ngwira A. Pulkkinen J. Love P. Bedrosian N. Buzulukova M. Sitnov W. Denig M. Panasyuk R. Hajra D. Ferguson S. Lai L. Narici K. Tobiska G. Gapirov A. Mannucci T. FullerRowell X. Yue G. Crowley R. Redmon V. Airapetian D. Boteler M. MacAlester S. Worman D. Neudegg and M. Ishii. '/' 'br''br''ul''l'Helps to define extremes in space weather and describes existing methods of analysis'/l''l'Discusses current scientific understanding of these events and outlines future challenges'/l''l'Considers the ways in which space weather may affect daily life'/l''l'Demonstrates deep connections between astrophysics heliophysics and space weather applications including a discussion of extreme space weather events from the past'/l''l'Examines national and space policy issues concerning space weather in Australia Canada Japan the United Kingdom and the United States'/l''/ul'''A valuable resource for moving toward understanding recognition and forecasting of complex and interrelated extreme space weather events'/'

Data Publikacji: 2017-12-01
Wymiary: 235 mm 191 mm

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