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''''Fundamentals of Radiation and Chemical Safety'/' covers the effects and mechanisms involved in radiation and chemical exposure on humans. The mechanisms and effects of these damaging factors have many aspects in common as do their research methodology and the methods used for data processing. In many cases of these types of exposures the same final effect can also be noted: Cancer. Low doses of radiation and small doses of chemical exposure are continuously active and they could influence the entire population. The analysis of these two main source hazards on the lives of the human population is covered here for the first time in a single volume determining and demonstrating their common basis. ''Fundamentals of Radiation and Chemical Safety '/'includes the necessary knowledge from nuclear physics chemistry and biology as well the methods of processing the experimental results. This title focuses on the effects of low radiation dosage and chemical hormesis as well as the hazards associated with and safety precautions in radiation and chemicals rather than the more commonly noted safety issues high level emergencies and disasters of this type.'/' 'br''br''ul''l'Brings together for the first time the problems of radiation and chemical safety on a common biophysical basis.'/l''l'Relates hazards caused by ionizing radiation and chemicals and discusses the common effective mechanisms'/l''l'Outlines common methodology and data processing between radiation and regular chemical hazards'/l''l'Concerns primarily with low levels of radiation and chemical exposure'/l' '/ul'''Provides for the first time a common biophysical basis for radiation and chemical safety with special attention to low doses of both radiation and chemical exposure'/'

Data Publikacji: 2015-02-04
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