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''This book focuses on LTE with full updates including LTEAdvanced (Release11) to provide a complete picture of the LTE system.' Detailed explanations are given for the latest LTE standards for radio interface architecture the physical layer access procedures broadcast relaying spectrum and RF characteristics and system performance.'/' ''Key technologies presented include multicarrier transmission advanced singlecarrier transmission advanced receivers OFDM MIMO and adaptive antenna solutions radio resource management and protocols and different radio network architectures. Their role and use in the context of mobile broadband access in general is explained giving both a highlevel overview and more detailed stepbystep explanations.'' '/' ''This book is a musthave resource for engineers and other professionals in the telecommunications industry working with cellular or wireless broadband technologies giving an understanding of how to utilize the new technology in order to stay ahead of the competition.'/' '''b'New to this edition:''/' 'ul' 'ul''/b' '''l'Indepth description of CoMP and enhanced multiantenna transmission including new referencesignal structures and feedback mechanisms'/l' '''l'Detailed description of the support for heterogeneous deployments provided by the latest 3GPP release'/l' '''l'Detailed description of new enhanced downlink controlchannel structure (EPDDCH)'/l' '/ul''/ul' 'ul' 'ul' '''l'New RF configurations including operation in noncontiguous spectrum multibands base stations and new frequency bands'/l' '''l'Overview of 5G as a set of wellintegrated radioaccess technologies including support for higher frequency bands and flexible spectrum management massive antenna configurations and ultradense deployments'/l' '/ul''/ul' 'br''br''ul''l'Covers a complete update to the latest 3GPP Release11'/l''l'Two new chapters on HetNet covering small cells/heterogeneous deployments and CoMP including Intersite coordination'/l''l'Overview of current status of LTE release 12 including further enhancements of localarea CoMP and multiantenna transmission Machinetypecommunication Devicetodevice communication'/l''/ul'''''A complete description of the LTEAdvanced radio access is provided from the bottom up. The topics include high data rates in mobile communication multiantenna techniques radiointerface architecture downlink physicallayer processing multipoint coordination and transmission spectrum and radio frequency characteristics and performance.'/''b'''ProtoView.com'/' February 2014'/b' '/'''Gain insight into 3GPPs latest standard Release 11 on LTE/LTE Advanced and how Release 12 is developing '/'

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