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Odonnell Hugh


Random House

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Hugh ODonnell was born in Dublin in 1947. Hugh spent 26 years working in financial markets and in 1978 setting up the first new stockbroking company in Dublin for over fifty years. He also worked as an actor and performed his own oneman shows in the Edinburgh and Dublin theatre festivals. In 1989 he founded a new Dublin theatre Andrews Lane in the city centre. He has written a number of film scripts for Jim Sheridans production company for Universal Studios and for various independent producers. This is his first novel.Until the moment when his head gets hurt in the crush at a hurling match Robbie leads an ordinary enough life for a young Dublin boy. Twentyaside soccer in the street adventures with his dog Bobby friends and uncles and priests sins of the flesh and of the mindHis injury changes everything. When he returns to consciousness he believes that God has given him the power to perform miracles. At first Robbie contents himself with winning the spottheball competition in the newspaper but when he is sent to the orthopaedic hospital for observation Robbie comes into his own. The other boys there are much sicker than he is polio thalidomide haemophilia but he swears to himself that hell cure them all. Then tragedy strikes closer to home and Robbie needs all his powers miraculous or perhaps just the fruits of a fertile imagination to keep his world intact. With a voice as real as Paddy Clarkes Robbie is an enchanting character and the world in which he lives particularly the hospital with its heartrending inmates and lascivious nurses is brilliantly created. 11 Emerald Street marks the debut of a formidable new Irish writer.A heartwarming debut novel from a promising new Irish writerSweet and funny OKMovinghandled with a light touchRobbies optimism and capacity for love keep the story afloatLifeaffirming funny and compassionate ODonnell has stumbled on something new by giving his hero an Irish literary childhood where kindness generosity and good fortune are hard to avoid

Data Publikacji: 2005-04-07
Wymiary: 200 mm 130 mm 12 mm 155 gr

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