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Gunn Anthony


Ebury Publishing

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Anthony Gunn is a psychologist whose personal experience with phobias began when he underwent emergency surgery without anaesthetic in Honduras during an exchange year just after high school. The experience left him profoundly fearful of medical procedures but through his training he overcame his own phobia and now helps others deal with their own. He gives regular talks has written for magazines and appears on radio talking about phobias and is developing a name for himself as a phobia expert. He has written two other books: Fear is Power: Turn Your Fears into Success: and Walking Tall: Overcoming Lifes Little Challenges.One in four people suffer from phobias yet they are the easiest psychological problem to treat. Psychologist and phobias expert Anthony Gunn has spent a lifetime helping people overcome their phobias and has developed a simple tenstep programme that anyone can do and which takes only 90 minutes. This includes:Antifainting exercisesDeep breathing techniquesRecognising and labelling phobic thoughtsLearning how to get through times of panic Fix Your Phobia in 90 Minutes is an easytoread and practical guide which will help you face and ultimately treat your phobia. It will also give you the confidence and skills to tackle other challenges in your life such as job interviews social interactions parenting and business. Take charge now!A practical guide to help you overcome your phobia with a simple tenstep treatment plan which takes only 90 minutes

Data Publikacji: 2011-06-02
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