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''Fluorinated Materials for Energy Conversion'/' offers advanced information on the application of fluorine chemistry to energy conversion materials for lithium batteries fuel cells solar cells and so on. Fluorine compounds and fluorination techniques have recently gained important roles in improving the electrochemical characteristics of such energy production devices. The book therefore focuses on new batteries with high performance the improvements of cell performance and the improvement of electrode and cell characteristics. The authors present new information on the effect of fluorine and how to make use of fluorination techniques and fluorine compounds. With emphasis on recent developments this book is suitable for students researchers and engineers working in chemistry materials science and electrical engineering. 'br''br''ul''l'Contains practical information supported by examples'/l''l'Provides an update on recent developments in the field'/l''l'Written by specialists working in fluorine chemistry electrochemistry polymer and solid state chemistry '/l''/ul'The contributing authors to this monograph are drawn from the electrochemical fluorine polymer and solid state communities in any cases combining more than one speciality within their expertise. Achieving a balance between describing research that is at the forefront of current knowledge and an adequate treatment of fundamental concepts so that the text can be understood readily by those from other disciplines is a stringent test. This volume has made a very good attempt to meet the challenge. This book can be recommended for libraries where there are research groups active in energy research and also for libraries in general as an account of an important research area and one that is likely to be one of the drivers for fluorine chemistry for some time to come. 'b'J.M. Winfield Dpt. of Chemistry University of Glasgow UK ''JOURNAL OF FLUORINE CHEMISTRY'/' 2005'/b''br''br'This book is about fluorine containing materials for energy conversion and storage. The contents are subdivided into 24 chapters. The better part of the book deals with fluorinated materials for lithium batteries. Furthermore materials for solar cells fuel cells and moltensalt reactors are reviewed also. The book by Nakajima and Groult is a good compilation about the recent advances and findings of these materials in the above mentioned areas of application.''b'Prof Sergio Trasatti Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry University of Milan Italy ''ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA'/' 2005'/b''br''br'This very interesting book provides a good general overview about (potential) use of fluorinated materials for energy conversion and storage. Everybody who is interested in this topic will find a nice collection of information on this. The book was carefully revised and has a consistent layout 'b'Jens Olschimke ''ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA'/' 2005'/b''br''br'Undoubtedly the book will be of great

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